I didn’t expect anyone to click on this

Well since you’re here, let’s chat.

I am one of many (We are not legion) who go by the name Z martin. No that is not my real name, and no you can’t have my name. We all know there is power in names.

I am what some will call an independent author. I dabble in horror and fantasy because who doesn’t like a little hope mixed in with their fears.

On the home page you can find links to my published works that will take you directly to where you can spend money on me. scratch that last part. links to my books for you to read and enjoy, that sounds better.

I guess you want to know more.

Since you’re still here I assume you want me to keep going. I am but a humble man. I have a wife and three kids. I work, and I have a lot of pets (an unhealthy number). Now that that is done just look below and admire them. I also do book reviews so go click on that link up top.


If you like the way I talk then do the thing below and I’ll send you stuff occasionally.

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Feel free to reach out to me.

Here is where I can be found.

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