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Dale Mcfarlane

Author Interview.

• At what point did you decide to be an author and what was your path to publication?

  i had been writting original work for a while keeping it in a file at home and then i decided after talking myself into getting my work out there . As well as my fan fiction which kept me sane throughout lookdown during covid .

My path to publication i kinda thought hard at first i did a lot research first before i decided to go through the indie route through kdp which i heard through a friend and other sites . Going through a publisher was very expensive. 

• Who is your favorite character to write, and why is that person your favorite? If picking a favorite character would be like picking a favorite child, which character seems to be the most demanding or your attention and detail as a writer?

oh gosh a couple have been demanding from His Cold Heart Series and Club Nero series i had other ideas for a couple new books until the characters from my series decided nope there is another story . Darian from Club Nero is demanding .

• Describe your writing process. Do you outline, plot and plan, or is your writing more organic?

my writing process i plan the outline first from paper first i set them in Scotland since i come from there i kinda think it can be organic all depends because when i get an idea i write it on paper first .

• What are some books or authors that you would recommend to our readers?

i have read jodi ellen Malpass , roni loren , Tal bauer , Sylvia day , k.c wells who have wrote great books also i have got into other author recommended books lately 

• Tell us what you enjoy most about writing

the Genre i write is mm romance i found the genre was popular and its what i had an idea of i do plan to write other Genres when i get round to it .

• What have you found to be most challenging about writing

research for Mm romance was an eye opener and found i wasnt the only one writing it and getting people interested in my novels

• Have you been able to incorporate your previous experience in your jobs/education in your writing?

my work is care work and no havent done that incorporated my job in woth my novels 

• Do you identify with your main character or did you create a character that is your opposite?

no i created my main character totally different from myself i find it a way of escape from yourself thats what i think

• Describe the [book/series] in 10 words or less for people who are just learning about it.

His cold Heart Series is about Sydney Pritchard who meets Luca Thornstow through a blind date by friends its a paranormal romance Luca is hiding a secret from Sydney .

• Do you have any odd (writing) habits?

odd writing habits i do write a chapter then decided to re write it  again .

• What has been the toughest criticism you have received as an author? What has been the best compliment?

one time i had a review from someone who couldnt understand my novel . Got a compliment by a work friend about my book which i was chuffed about and said to keep going with it .

• Share some advice for aspiring authors. What advice would you give to your younger self?

advice i would give my younger self would be is to not worry and get anxious about how people perceive you , you are who you are and keep being your bubbly self .

• What is your favorite line from your book?

oh gosh there are so many sorry cant think of any right now 

• To date, what is your favorite (or most difficult) chapter you have ever written?

the difficult chapter would be for when Malcolm comes across his abusive uncle i tried to make it not to dark i hope .

• Have you ever experienced writer’s block? How did you deal with it?

 i have had writers block often i tend to have a break from it for a couple days then ideas come to me .

• What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

When not writting i attend comic cons which have been going to past 18 years which i enjoy and meeting quest stars from favourite shows also into wrestling hubby and i attend some local shows and we like the wwe to .

And i run a convention group with my husband posting any events around the country .

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